Hello you filthy readers.

For a good long time, we’ve labored under the moniker “CrotchMail” Because we think crotches are funny. However due in part to this fly by night “Google” operation, we’ve lost a lot of page ranking because some people seem to think we’re more about delivering genitals or mail to people. Or mailing genitals.

Come to think of it, Crotchmail didn’t really make any sense. You see, it all started back in the summer of 69′ which sounds cooler than the summer of 96 when I gained relative sentience and started writing a comedy newsletter called “Devil’s Newsletter” the fruits of which have actually been posted here on Cmail. But with that there internet getting more and more awesome every day we decided a web/blog format would be better. On a whim I purchased the name CrotchMail when my friend Robby spouted it in a drunken rage that ‘sounded convincing’ after 13 coronas and trying hash. So there it sat.

Crotchmail was fun and a good ride, it was built on the principles of Being hilarious, offensive, geeky, and mostly offensive. I hope to continue that tradition with our new site Fuhnny.com – As a friend of mine pointed out, it’s “not just a typo, but a way of life” I’m pretty sure he just tried hash too.

So light up your hashpipe and let me know what gets your motor running, We’re going to try to start fresh with a new more comprehensive article format, more ranting, more swearing, and more writers for a change. I appreciate all your help by coming here, laughing and commenting on all our funny shit. Keep doing it, and tell us what you’d like to see ripped apart Fuhnny-style.


Adam “Fuhnny” Aragon
RIP CrotchMail

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