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Defining Funny:

I often see attempts at comedy both online and in the wild, where someone cracks a joke or passes on something they thought was funny but simply isn’t. Maybe because it used to be funny but isn’t anymore or it was never funny in the first place… To set the record straight, I’m giving you (the horrible viewers) the defining list of WHAT is funny, what isn’t, what used to be, and what will never be. Please refer to this in the future when you’re not sure if something is funny or not.

  • Here’s a list of things that WERE Funny, But aren’t Anymore…

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger / Governer Jokes

2. Clerks 2

3. Making fun of Carlos Mencia

4. Herpes

5. George Bush doing anything at all

6. Wal-Mart

  • Here’s a List of things that Were NOT funny, but now are…

1. 9/11 – (Yeah… screw you too)

2. Hobbits

3. Presidential Elections

4. Making Fun of Dave Chapelle

5. Japanese television

6. Video Blogs

  • Here’s a list of things that were funny and are STILL funny

1. Clerks 1

2. Robin Williams

3. Getting kicked in the nuts

4. Syphillis

5. Geek Humor

6. Japanese People

  • Here’s a list of things that were never funny and will never be…

1. Jersey Girl

2. Communist China

3. Reality Shows

4. Bukkake

5. Jay Leno

6. Iguanas