My good friend God “The Lord” Stockton is apparently spawning a child, I think his wife is involved as well, but to be honest I don’t like to pry into the mysteries of nature, there are traps, like in the temple of doom.

Since I heard the news the question came up, what’s the name? I thought I might help. The Last name here I’ll call the boy’s last name “Stockton” and the Girls last name “Hill” but insert your own last name and add your own suggestion.

Boy Names:

  1. Damien Beezelbub Stockton
  2. Doombringer Bloodrinker Stockton
  3. Chad Rockbiter Stockton
  4. Froderick Frankensteen Stockton
  5. Professor X Stockton
  6. Stockton Stockton Stockon
  7. Truth Justice Stockton
  8. Monty Python Stockton
  9. Gohd Dahm Stockton
  10. Johnny Science Stockton
  11. Highlander “Therecanbeonlyone” Stockton
  12. Frodo Bilbo Stockton

Girl Names:

Using Gods wife’s last name of “Hill”

  1. Girl Woman Hill
  2. Sheba “Chosen One” Hill
  3. Rogue Operative Hill
  4. Sally Poledancer Hill
  5. Vixen Viola Hill
  6. Shiva Summons Hill
  7. Jersey Lawyer Hill
  8. Xen Ninja Hill
  9. Xena Warrior Princess Hill
  10. Shadow Hibiscus Hill

I’m very much expecting at least one of these to be used, in the event of an emergency or transgendered / hemaphrodite child, I’ll go with “Twoolah Baskins Stockton-Hill”

Will update if they take my obviously superior suggestions to heart, be sure to add your own suggestions in the comments!

(Congrats to God & Amanda)

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