[10:14] WeaselBringer: thats right…. NON portable ninjas
[10:14] WeaselBringer: stationary ninjas?
[10:14] Rachel Rei: haha
[10:15] Rachel Rei: you can write on them?
[10:15] Rachel Rei: send them as thank-you cards?
[10:16] WeaselBringer: yeah maybe thats deceptive wording
[10:16] WeaselBringer: in-ground ninjas?
[10:16] WeaselBringer: immovable, scarecrow ninjas?
[10:16] Rachel Rei: hehe
[10:19] WeaselBringer: I should make concrete life-size statues of ninjas with bars of steel that dig into the ground and sell them as non portable ninjas
[10:19] WeaselBringer: Rich people will buy anything
[10:19] WeaselBringer: plus if you paint them really cool people will try to steal them, hence making them portable, which they aren’t, so they can’t, hence… the beauty of non-portable ninjas
[10:20] Rachel Rei: hehe
[10:20] WeaselBringer: Although ninjas on stationary would be cool too
[10:20] Rachel Rei: yeah
[10:21] Rachel Rei: or just ninjas that you write on and send to people as messages.
[10:21] WeaselBringer: they should just be vocal messages like singing telegrams
[10:22] WeaselBringer: they swoop through your window at night, hold a wakazashi to your throat and you wake up and they’re all
[10:22] WeaselBringer: Terry says Happy Birthday, in an evil low voice
[10:22] WeaselBringer: then they throw a smoke bomb and cut through your wall into the night or something…
[10:23] WeaselBringer: Fed-Ninja – When it absolutely has to be there overnight, and dead.
[10:23] WeaselBringer: no… Ninja-Gram!
[10:24] Rachel Rei: nahh…I want to write on my ninja…then they will show up all silent and people will be scared (after like, half an hour, when they finally notice them standing there) because they’re ninjas….but then they will see the writing, and it will say like, ‘hey bob, how’s it going? Thanks for the scarf, btw. When are we going to hang, man?’
[10:25] WeaselBringer: like on a post it
[10:25] WeaselBringer: ?
[10:25] Rachel Rei: yeah
[10:25] Rachel Rei: but I think you would have to use a paint brush
[10:25] Rachel Rei: or possibly a sharpie
[10:25] Rachel Rei: but not a sharpae
[10:25] Rachel Rei: goin’ on break. Be bakc
[10:26] Rachel Rei: bakc
[10:26] Rachel Rei: back
[10:36] WeaselBringer: bkkkacck!
[10:36] WeaselBringer: I’m a chicken!!
[10:46] Rachel Rei: really?
[10:47] WeaselBringer: no, i’m actually a ninja… HIDDEN inside a chicken… Suzie wants you to have a great holiday weekend *SMOKE BOMB* poof
[10:48] Rachel Rei: *giggle*
[10:49] WeaselBringer: bam, you’re left with chicken guts, a shocked look, and seasons greetings from Ninja-Gram, your local stationary ninja source

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