Adam: love
Rachel: bitter indifference
Adam: questionable caring?
Rachel: airy dismissal
Adam: intense mood swing
Adam: snarky comment about dismissal
Rachel: failure to notice snak due to absorbtion in self
Rachel: *snark
Adam: tangent about bad childhoold
Rachel: Eyes rolled out of your line of sight and internal monologue about whiners
Adam: sudden angry outburst
Adam: comment about your similarities to your mother
Rachel: superior irritated condemnation of your overreaction
Adam: softly spoken threat
Rachel: amusement at your dramatics
Adam: physical damage to nearby wall
Adam: rapid apology
Adam: barely contained tears
Rachel: put-upon sigh, grudging tending of bleeding fist
Adam: long winded explanation of terrible day
Adam: expression of appreciation
Rachel: scratched head and suggestion of trip to place that supplies over-suggared coffee drinks
Rachel: Christian side-hug
Adam: awkard boob grope
Adam: resigned acceptance
Adam: happy metaphor
Rachel: rant on trite cliches
Adam: ass-slap
Adam: new view on life
Rachel: Jaded view on life
Adam: sad realization
Adam: -fin-

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