Adam: Did you know sex is like pizza?

Rachel : You can get them both from pizza delivery boys, if porn is to be believed

Rachel : what else….um….

Adam: even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good

Rachel : sometimes they can be a little crusty

Adam: Plus your friends won’t mind when you force it on them

Rachel : Everyone thinks THEIRS is the best

Rachel : Can be enjoyed with meat, without meat or with all meat

Rachel : the worse it is for you, the more you enjoy it

Adam: If you have too much you just roll around in pain for a few hours?

Adam: 6 of you can enjoy it, or just by yourself

Rachel : it’s good for breakfast

Adam: sometimes if you have it at your office, your coworkers get mad or jealous

Rachel : well, if you are having it at work, everybody wants some

Adam: it’s condoned by congress for kids at school….?

Adam: (that was topical)

Rachel : hahaha

Adam: After it gets split more than 4 ways it gets awkward and nobody gets enough ?

Rachel : It can burn your mouth if you have it straight out of the oven?

Rachel : no…that one doesn’t really work

Rachel : though, true in either case

Adam: still works

Adam: it’s not good to try to get it all in your mouth at once?

Adam: … I take that one back

Adam: It’s the meaty treat that can’t be beat?

Rachel : sometimes it dribbles down your chin but you dont really care?

Adam: Sometimes you shamefully order it over the phone at night?

Rachel : that one made me giggle out loud

Rachel : sometimes you can add things to it that should be really weird but just make it better?

Rachel : the ability to have it delivered to your home is a sign that you live in a civilized world?

Adam: it never turns out the same when you make it yourself?

Rachel : it’s weird if you add pineapple

Adam: It’s popular at birthday parties?


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