So apparently the good lord above has deemed it necessary to infiltrate my iTunes playlist to show me the errors of my ways. Let me explain.

Like any good american under 30, I don’t pay for music. About the time Microsoft and Apple started slapping DRM on everything is when I just stopped caring about buying legitimate music downloads. It just came with too much headache. Sure apple’s fixed it since then but it’s easier and cheaper ($0.00) to just get what you need elsewhere. (for all legal purposes lets remind everyone that this is a COMEDY blog)

So I decided that my tired old playlist needed a dose of new music. I went through and weeded out bands that SOUNDED good at the time, but got old and boring fast. In case you’re wondering which bands those are:

  • LCD Soundsystem
  • Bang Camaro
  • Asher Roth
  • Blue October
  • Cage the Elephant
  • Etc

Then I realized that there are bands/songs on there that just have NO business being on my playlist like:

  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Cher
  • Coldplay
  • Depeche Mode
  • Kayne West
  • Etc

Rest Assured that ALL the above bands are now deleted and I’ve already gone through the effort of calling MYSELF a fag and then dickpunching myself in the locker room. So I’ve realized the error of my  erroneously  downloading ways. Now of course I’m more careful to download specific albums, immediately deleting them if they don’t grip my attention or seem great. So I queued up a whole new batch of bands and meticulously downloaded several albums. After checking and re-checking the files I imported them all into iTunes and used the ever-popular “Recently Added Playlist”

That’s when Jesus popped in, followed by Disco. What?

I was listening to the new albums I had just set my new songs to “random” and was enjoying some new music. (who I won’t list because I don’t know if they all suck yet) When suddenly I catch a snippet of a tune about Jesus dying on a cross. I immediately open iTunes to find the offending song. Since my Atheism is a Gargantuan Level 80 Paladin, I don’t want no upbeat Jesus music on my playlist.

Sure enough there’s “Robbie Williams” who apparently does christian themed pop. This is annoying in and of itself, but more confusing since, I DID NOT download Robbie Williams. As I’m pondering this, suddenly a half-hearted remix of “Staying Alive” starts to play. My eyes bulge out of my head and I immediately regret all the self-dickpunching soon to follow this escapade. Flipping back to iTunes I realize that part of a compilation titled “Disco Classics Re-Imagined” has found its way onto my recently added playlist… TWICE. I shit you not, every song duplicated from the 30 track compilation of Disco Classics Re-imagined… What. The. Fuck.

Now the  sleuths  among you have already deduced that I’ve simply been had, and that while downloading music I’ve been swindled into downloading a stupid album in place of the one I was trying to get… The only issue here… is that I  didn’t. Since I’ve downloaded roughly 10 solid albums, I went back into the original download folder to find out which album was compromised. There was NO issues. Every album, every track, played perfectly. There simply was NO apparent source of Robbie Williams (Jesus  Jamboree) and Disco Dickpunching Classics on my computer. Sure they were in the itunes playlist and music folder, but they have come from NOWHERE. Upon further inspection these folders were made 24 hours prior to my download fiesta. My computer is locked down at work and has no easy access from either an external source or in the office. Not to mention my coworkers are all over 50 and think iTunes is Voodoo magic sent by the aliens.

Still I asked around. Nope. Nothing. My computer was locked, firewalled, passworded, and running OSX (which isn’t as easy to hack or circumvent) in a private room in a private building. Yet somehow. The ghost of Jesus Christ put Robbie Williams and DISCO CLASSICS REIMAGINED on my fucking itunes recently added playlist with no explanation. The only idea I have is that Disco and Jesus are both NOT dead, and they’re pranking people in offices around the world, as part of the coming Disco-Rapture…

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