[16:41] nicole_953: Hello, I was looking at yahoo personals, i noticed your ad, anyways, yahoo thinks you are my top match. 😀
[16:41] nicole_953: wanna see my picture and profile?
[16:42] Deadwhoreinabox: wait I’m really busy can I just give you a bunch of money first? I’d really like to see your profile, but I only have time to transfer funds at this point, what is your account number so I can just deposit the 7000 dollars I’d no doubt spend on you, directly into it?
[16:43] Deadwhoreinabox: You know that was rude of me, You must feel bad enough being the 953rd Nicole ever… And I’m sure your paid webcam / amatuer gay stripping hour profile will no doubt be worth any asking price
[16:45] Deadwhoreinabox: I feel so awful, you’re almost one of a thousand struggling anti-clothes oriented nicole’s just trying to make a buck in a foreign backwards ass country like haiti or canada I’m sure, and the money will no doubt go to fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a professional semen gargler, which I’m sure you’re way ahead of in practice
[16:47] Deadwhoreinabox: As such I make a pledge… nay, an OATH, no… A PROMISE that I will give you seven billion dollars to fund your awesome pay profile site to new heights this money will of course be tax free and allow you to live out your fancy albeit misguided online nudist fantasies. And I support the youth and as long as you’re buxom and between 18 and 25 and posessing an IQ over 143 then I think we can do business
[16:48] Deadwhoreinabox: Only such a smart girl would try every single profile number BEFORE 953 becuase of your true dedication to being YOU and showing your ta’ta’s to total strangers online, which of course is as noble an endeavor as I’ve ever heard of it. Internet slut… I SALUTE YOU!!
[16:48] Deadwhoreinabox: Hello? Where can I put these stacks of cash I’ve recently taken from my safe?
[16:49] Deadwhoreinabox: Please before my accountant notices that I’ve mortgaged my entire brokerage company to give to 953rd best nicole ever!? Why hast thou forsaken me. The lord giveth internet titties, the lord taketh away… Cruel gods above… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
[16:49] *** nicole_953 has been ignored.


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