Jamie sat at ease in her leather high backed chair, one leg draped lazily over the armrest. Her very poise defining ‘at rest’. She was bored and decided to try calling again. The phone jangled with a tinny blurting noise as her cell phone reached across the radio waves to invade the partnering cell nestled snugly in the pocket of Jake, who finally tore his hands from his keyboard to flip it open and utter a single annoyed word.

“Speak” he sighed briefly.

“Finally! I’ve called you like 23 times and I’m so damned ready you better do what you promised and do it now” Jamie rushed all the words out like an auctioneer nearing the end of a bid.

He took another breath and firmed his voice “You know what I’m capable of, and I’m not going to do it until I’m ready, but it just so happens that you’re lucky today, and I just happen to be ready”.

Jamie felt the breath rush from her in a little whine, but stayed silent as she expectantly waited for what happened next. Jake already leaning away from the phone barely bothered to whisper “Get On”

She hung up even faster than he did and let her Cell phone clatter noisily to the floor, already forgotten. She was already 6 inches from the screen, the computers mouse gripped tightly between her thumb and forefinger. Her lips were moving forming silent sentences, making no sound.

The title screen came up with bold flourishing music she clicked right on through and began searching for him. “Right… There!” She practically moaned it as she accessed his location.

GrrlKilla: found you

MageMasta: I’m level 24 and you’re my bitch, you wait until I find YOU

GrrlKilla: I brought you the (20) Malachite you asked for

MageMasta: That’s good baby, real good

GrrlKilla: I’m waiting

MageMasta: sry auction! NEway how about we slip out of this armor?

GrrlKilla: Ok!

MageMasta: Yeah I love your blue skin, turn around for me.

GrrlKilla: like this? you like that?

MageMasta: OMG thatz hot!!1

GrrlKilla: word! Check my style

MageMasta: U R such a xxx bi*ch!!

GrrlKilla: ??

MageMasta: ??!?

GrrlKilla: Ima what? bitch?

MageMasta: a hot 1!

GrrlKilla: RU a guy?

MageMasta: yeh duh ur girl y/n?

GrrlKilla: No I thought you were a girl…

MageMasta: WTF??? Jamie?

GrrlKilla: Who TF is Jame? dood this iz chris

MageMasta: Y the hell is your tar a GRL?? F@g!

GrrlKilla: ura F@G!! Lamerz! (@)*#*@#)$*^!!

MageMasta: IM so gone, kik rocks a$$-munch

::: Remember Kids: Warcraft is no place for CyberSex, come to think of it, The internet is no place for cybersex either. If you think I’m the lamest person on the planet for writing fake pr0n just keep in mind that I’m making fun of WoW addicts and keyboard jerkers everywhere, and you probably are one. ::::

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