We had a lot of good feedback on the latest batch of “Terrible OK Cupid Headlines

We’ve come up with another Batch of Terrible Headlines for a dating profile.

Enjoy, as you’ve never enjoyed before! Remember, you can use these headlines but we’re not responsible for who you’ll end up meeting.

  • Dreamy Love Obsessed Girl Seeks Inhumanly Perfect Male
  • Strong Warnings Against Deviant Behavior (Must Love Dogs)
  • My Profile is Six Words Long
  • Wildly Aggressive Date-Hater
  • This is my Last Attempt at Love before Killing Myself
  • I’m not interested in Dating but This Profile Exists
  • Poly With Six Boyfriends Seeks 7th Person to Enter Maze of Complexity
  • Sexual Confused Bisexual Seeks Human Without Beard
  • Disney Princess Seeks Abusive Drug Addled Gangsta’ to Fix.
  • I Have a Boring Job and It’s All I Like to Talk About
  • I Inherently Mistrust People for Also Being on This Website
  • Here’s a list of my Favorite 500 things. Favorite.
  • Nonsense Headline Umbrella Cat Flavored Punch Balloon
  • Really Just Looking for Arguments about Politics
  • Untrustworthy Person Seeks Incredibly Trustworthy Person
  • I Will Flood You with Dick Pics Until You Date Me
  • All My Profile Pics are Abs
  • I Assume that Talking Like a Rapper at a Club will Entrance You
  • Deep Down I Am Fundamentally Flawed
  • I Smoke a Bunch of Weed, That’s all You Need to Know
  • All Downward Facing Zoomed in Selfies
  • Ambitious Fuhrer Seeks Ava for Suicide Pact
  • Most of my Life consists of my Dog
  • I’m Hot Enough to Barely Care What I Write – Banana.

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