Does Facebook Trump Myspace?

More and more Myspace feels like the ugly annoying younger sibling of facebook. With FB’s clean content, very secure environments and lack of dazzling shitty custom profiles it just feels more modern, refined, well thought-out.

Where as myspace is still clunky, square, blue and messy as hell. Pictures don’t line up, the apps are a shameless and incredibly poor rip-off of apps that have already been on facebook for ages.

The only reason to hop on myspace nowadays is to connect with the few remaining people who haven’t made the jump over yet. Not that facebook is perfect, I think the WHOLE WORLD would be better off without apps, but otherwise it’s just more engaging and useful.

Unless myspace changes drastically they will fall by the wayside, as is appropriate since they’re practically owned by Satan. If they did update it would probably be just to look more like facebook. So… Just putting it out there.

And for those people that feel like Facebook is too much for the “older” crowd, it’s for the less douchbaggish, non-pretty-pink-ponies crowd too, and we don’t miss you.

I like MakeEnemies.com for my edgy social networking and facebook for all my day to day stuff, Myspace is going nowhere…fast