From the catholics to the god-damned Catholics there has been the constant threat of Hell, damnation, purgatory, and every other thing that happens when god sees you touch your no-no parts. To give this all context let me explain a few lesser known ways to get to hell.

1. Eating meat on Friday

2. Throwing things at an imaginary Jesus (Corinthians)

3. Laying next to a man (Leviticus)

4. Walking in a shadowed field that bears no fruit (Luke/Genesis/Slayer)

5. Creating a new animal   (Deuteronomy)

So once we’ve thrown the Bible at logic and beaten it to death with the heavy hand of faith. We can now go to hell, now what exactly IS Hell? Its described as a lot of different things in different Religions around the world, but its generally assumed, you don’t want to go there. Unless you’re a in a Thrasher band or you’re a masochist, both of which will get you sent to hell so it works out nicely.

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