This is an OLD entry from the origins of CrotchMail (formerly Devil’s Newsletter)

Some of these sequel numbers have actually come to exist, so take the accuracy with a grain of salt. Although I bet you’ll find a whole bunch of movies that either you’ve never heard of, or had no idea Disney made/produced. So without further ado, here’s a giant list of “Unlikely Disney Sequels”

Fantasia 3: The Blood Rites

Fantasia 4: The Virgin Sacrifice: Minnie’s Revenge

Aludden: The Non copyrighted Lamp rubber

Lion King 3: Poachers Revenge

Lion Queen: The Tundra babes in drag

The Making Of paper: The life (and death) story of Pinocchio

Pollyanna 27: Girls gone Wild edition

Little Mermaid 5: Sushi is an art

Politically Correct Snow white: Narcoleptic Caucasian attractive female and her Vertically challenged helpers.

Beauty and the Beast 4: Hey isn’t that illegal

Cinderella 10: From Glass to Leather

1001 Dalmatians 2: Dog Breeding tactics

Behind The Music: Alice in Wonderland

Tarzan 2 ½ : The Scantily clad adventure continues

Tarzan 3: Dude, where’s my loin cloth?

Mary Poppins 3: Fuck the sugar, where’s the everclear

Door Jams and Dead Bolts: Bedknobs and Broomsticks 2

Free Willy 4: Jackson’s Opportunity

Tron 2: The Mac Attack

Herby the Love Bug 42: The spread of Car STD’s

The Jungle Book 3: Mowgli plays the stock market

Fern Gully 3: the Post-Apocalypse Urban wasteland

Tuck Everlasting 2: The Sex Change Edition

Toy Story 3: Attack of the Blow up dolls

Winnie The Pooh 3: Humans taste like honey

The Hunchback of Notre dame 2: Money Shot

Lilo and Stitch 2: Hawaiian Cannibal babes

Pete’s Dragon 2: When Doves Fry

Treasure Planet 2: The Bordello Space Collection

Angels in the Outfield 2: Angels in my pants

Parent Trap 3: The lawsuit

Parent Trap 4: They’re legal now

Spy kids 3: The career Ender

Bambis Revenge: The Hunted becomes the Hunter

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: Jessica’s exhibition

A Bugs life Documentary: From the shoe tread

Honey I Addicted the kids to heroin

Old Yeller / Pet Cemetery Crossover: Yeller’s BACK BILLY

Davie Crockett 2: I swear she’s not my sister

Robin Hood 3: Grand Theft Auto

Sword in the stone 2: Sword just laying around on a table

Flubber 2: The Compound of Fear

George of the Jungle 2: Wait we\'re not Tarzan?

Flight of the Navigator 2: Joyride of the Navigator

20 Billion Leagues under the Sea: We’re in China now!

Atlantis 2: The Bends

Lady And The Tramp 3: Roadkill

Not Quite Human 4: OS X

l thanks to Mr. Chaos, Knakmos and Me the Devil for this list of Pure pain J hope you all enjoyed

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