Unlikely Disney Sequels

This is an OLD entry from the origins of CrotchMail (formerly Devil’s Newsletter)

Some of these sequel numbers have actually come to exist, so take the accuracy with a grain of salt. Although I bet you’ll find a whole bunch of movies that either you’ve never heard of, or had no idea Disney made/produced. So without further ado, here’s a giant list of “Unlikely Disney Sequels”

Fantasia 3: The Blood Rites

Fantasia 4: The Virgin Sacrifice: Minnie’s Revenge

Aludden: The Non copyrighted Lamp rubber

Lion King 3: Poachers Revenge

Lion Queen: The Tundra babes in drag

The Making Of paper: The life (and death) story of Pinocchio

Pollyanna 27: Girls gone Wild edition

Little Mermaid 5: Sushi is an art

Politically Correct Snow white: Narcoleptic Caucasian attractive female and her Vertically challenged helpers.

Beauty and the Beast 4: Hey isn’t that illegal

Cinderella 10: From Glass to Leather

1001 Dalmatians 2: Dog Breeding tactics

Behind The Music: Alice in Wonderland

Tarzan 2 ½ : The Scantily clad adventure continues

Tarzan 3: Dude, where’s my loin cloth?

Mary Poppins 3: Fuck the sugar, where’s the everclear

Door Jams and Dead Bolts: Bedknobs and Broomsticks 2

Free Willy 4: Jackson’s Opportunity

Tron 2: The Mac Attack

Herby the Love Bug 42: The spread of Car STD’s

The Jungle Book 3: Mowgli plays the stock market

Fern Gully 3: the Post-Apocalypse Urban wasteland

Tuck Everlasting 2: The Sex Change Edition

Toy Story 3: Attack of the Blow up dolls

Winnie The Pooh 3: Humans taste like honey

The Hunchback of Notre dame 2: Money Shot

Lilo and Stitch 2: Hawaiian Cannibal babes

Pete’s Dragon 2: When Doves Fry

Treasure Planet 2: The Bordello Space Collection

Angels in the Outfield 2: Angels in my pants

Parent Trap 3: The lawsuit

Parent Trap 4: They’re legal now

Spy kids 3: The career Ender

Bambis Revenge: The Hunted becomes the Hunter

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: Jessica’s exhibition

A Bugs life Documentary: From the shoe tread

Honey I Addicted the kids to heroin

Old Yeller / Pet Cemetery Crossover: Yeller’s BACK BILLY

Davie Crockett 2: I swear she’s not my sister

Robin Hood 3: Grand Theft Auto

Sword in the stone 2: Sword just laying around on a table

Flubber 2: The Compound of Fear

George of the Jungle 2: Wait we\'re not Tarzan?

Flight of the Navigator 2: Joyride of the Navigator

20 Billion Leagues under the Sea: We’re in China now!

Atlantis 2: The Bends

Lady And The Tramp 3: Roadkill

Not Quite Human 4: OS X

l thanks to Mr. Chaos, Knakmos and Me the Devil for this list of Pure pain J hope you all enjoyed



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