I’m not angry for a reason. Reasons can be “reasoned away” eventually. I’ve got vivid blind melodramatic anger. Red faced steam shooting cartoon anger.

I’m so angry, I want to kick rocks, at babies and make them cry. But I realize that may make me falter and feel guilty. So I want to set up piles of rocks shaped like babies and pretend they’re real babies and kick them over and not feel bad about it, not a bit.

I’m so angry. I want to create and destroy, I want to fill every fraction of every inch of an etch a sketch and leave it half-shaken, neither black nor white, with no satisfaction of total dirt or total cleanliness. I want to write this entire article and delete it, but I won’t because I’m so damned angry.

I won’t even follow through on angry actions that I know would make me feel better and placate this burning freakish chemically unbalanced anger. I want to drive cars into uninsured homes on the first day of a new families house-warming party. I want to show up to parties and insult the host and leave early to go “somewhere better” I want to change the station on my radio every 4 seconds with a packed car full of people and refuse to stop or explain why. I want to black out hints on a cross-word puzzle and leave it in coffee shops for someone to find.

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I’m so angry. I want to finish this sentence with no period

I’m so angry, I want to fill a cup with scorpions and pretend I’m drinking it so kids think I’m cool and emulate me. I want to smoke herbal cigarettes around people who just quit and pretend that I’m oblivious to their hurt looks. I want to walk up the down escalator and NOT GIVE AN INCH when someone politely tries to circumvent me.

I’m frothing, cat-pissing mad. That didn’t even make sense and I don’t care. I’m so angry I’m considering becoming french and discriminating against the English. I want to punch delicate origami figurines, to throw poop at monkeys who have been trained their whole life to never throw poop again. I want to enter a bathroom stall and bang against the walls with my knees while I piss straight into the air and yell racial epithets.

I’m so angry I want to draw pictures of genitals and mail them to crazy people, I want to pinch peoples IV tubes in a hospital for terminally ill teenagers, I want to eat to excess in a dennys and try to convince them my meal is free, before throwing down too much cash for the meal and spitting on it as if its no longer my concern. I want to carry large awkward objects into crowded movie theatres.

Come to think of it, I am angry for a reason, I can never think of an idea for an article when I want to. Although I guess this will do.   My Bad.

Come on America, you know I don’t mean it, how about a hug?

……… I Said how about a fucking hug! Don’t just sit there and stare at me like I’m growing a pair of horns, give me a goddamned hug!! I’ll wait here all day you ungrateful little *deep breath*

So yeah.

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