From the old Devil’s Newsletter Day’s – Here’s some more examples of customer service letters that would likely get you fired

WeaselBringer: Dear waste of human life, We have taken your order and put it in the shredder and then taken the long strips of paper and put them through again horizontally, this is an effective way to make confetti, we used the confetti during a celebration party dedicated to your lost order, and as a party trick we charged your account for this order about 1034 times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

WeaselBringer: Dear [email protected] – We have totally been up in your order records. And the shit you was ramblin’ about ain’t nuthin’ – it just some shit from back in the day, jus’ like ¬†tricked out and all fuckered. So my bad G’ Funk – Sincerely , Yo’ Pimp mack daddy direct channel rep(Resent!)

WeaselBringer: Dear Sally, while tracing your order in our systems, we decided to put your email address in google, and we found some pictures of you in lingerie having sex with a dog. We think that’s pretty messed up. But Tom in Accounting would like your number, and we weren’t sure if we should give it to him, but it sounds like you’re a total freak, so we just wanted your permission. Oh and your order has been cancelled or something. – signed – Customer ‘bestiality’ service

WeaselBringer: Dear Annoying customer, Thank you for shutting the hell up. Your last email was like 4 pages, and even just skimming it made me late for my break, where I got totally trashed and totally forgot your order and had to read it AGAIN. Could you drop the attitude and just get to the point? thx dood – CS

WeaselBringer: Dear Sam Peckinhaw, We received your email about your lost order. And we assure you that we’re doing everything we can to track it. We even put up pictures of it around town on phone polls and offered a reward, if this doesn’t work, we will start going door to door and putting ads in the paper, rest assured we will find your order. In the meantime please accept this free gift of spam-scented candles. – CS

WeaselBringer: Dear blah, thank you for your inquiry. As per your request we have had your children raped and your husband shot. Or replaced your ¬†broken glass pumpkin. It might be either one… But one of those requests is definitely done. If you would like your faced slammed in a vice and beaten with bamboo, don’t hesitate to call us again

Dear customer: We were about to issue your refund but upon further investigation we’ve realized that you’re Weirdo, and we don’t like that much. So at this time no refund can be issued. And we hope you will die, and continue to enjoy shopping at illuminations (you stinky heebie)

Dear Customer/dumbass, Our records indicate that you probably impotent and unable to perform sexually or physically. Our records also indicate that it’s small. I mean really small… Our records might be lying, but they’ve been around, and they know small. We hope this information is helpful in locating your glass pumpkin order. – Sincerely, ‘well-hung’customer service rep

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