Isn’t that what the chloroform is for?

I just had a lightbulb

Chloroform flavored tequila….


hmm.. interesting, but I think you actually have it backwards

tequila flavored chloroform.. no one would drink tequila if it smells like chloroform

so you would loose out on both the drunk and the drugged benefits

however, it would be easy to buy a chick a shot of “tequilla”

only to have them realize, moments too late, that it was chloroform


couldn’t you just put chloroform in a shot glass and hand it to them?

In order to smell it, they’d already lose

Maybe we need something more crafty, like chloroform coated roses


I like the chloroform in a shot glass idea… we could save on chloroform too

just keep reusing that same shotglass over and over

what if the women don’t smell roses? it would suck if they put your potential anal sex into a vase for two weeks until it died


Come to think of it… where the hell do you BUY the stuff?


I’m going to go with “internet”


Chad’s Discount Date-Rape Emporium


unless you were talking about roses, in which case a florist

I just checked, sadly there is no “discount date rape emporium” online… owned by chad or anyone else



That’s chad’s other business

I think we could make a killing with chloroform corsages

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