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Fuhnny is a blog with a mission. We want to make you laugh. I’m Adam Allyne, I invented Comedy. But I have a little help from my friends.

Fuhnny (Former CrotchMail & Devil’s Newsletter) is a comedy blog. That’s it. We do lists, rants, reviews, random total bullshit. Anything that we think is funny and that you’d enjoy. We spelled it the way we do because we’re a different kind of Fuhnny. We’re a bit weird and geeky and out there, as well as offensive, and kind of irrationally angry. In Fact. You probably don’t want us at your parties.

We’re always looking for new talent and new writers. Feel free to submit your own comedy article to [email protected] and if we like it, we’ll publish it and ask for more.

We’re about to publish our new book with a collection of the absolute best-of. But keep tuning in for the full digital experience. Also we love you and we’re co-dependent. Seriously don’t go… We’ll cut ourselves if you leave.

-Adam Allyne (Author)

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