[13:30] WeaselBringer: can I get my PHD in Jive?

[13:31] JonK: yes

[13:31] JonK: go to sucka academy

[13:31] WeaselBringer: Does it become a muthafucking doctorate, or am I just “Straight slidin’ pro and shit”

[13:32] JonK: its complicated

[13:32] JonK: with a phd in jive

[13:32] JonK: you are allowed to say “the muthafuckin docta is in the hissy”

[13:32] JonK: er

[13:32] JonK: hizzy, excuse me

[13:32] WeaselBringer: how about a bachelors in shit-talkin

[13:33] JonK: thats a good one

[13:33] JonK: Im an english major

[13:33] JonK: nearly the same thing

[13:33] WeaselBringer: same thing

[13:33] WeaselBringer: yes

[13:33] WeaselBringer: I’m thinking a double major in Jive and classic literature

[13:33] WeaselBringer: Alas Horatio you’z be in the shit deep

[13:34] JonK: Oh snap poor Urich, I knowd that fool

[13:35] WeaselBringer: lol

[13:35] WeaselBringer: Whether its noble and shit to be sufferin’ slings and gats or just fuck a bitch

[13:36] JonK: to get capped

[13:36] JonK: to nap

[13:37] WeaselBringer: Well maybe wordplay isn’t my direction

[13:38] JonK: follow your heart

[13:38] WeaselBringer: perhaps majoring in social sciences and white power

[13:38] WeaselBringer: hmm on second thought I don’t think I can afford Yale

[13:39] JonK: yeah…

[13:39] JonK: but you can get a minor in “crushing the souls of the poor”

[13:39] WeaselBringer: what on a financial program?

[13:40] WeaselBringer: oh I guess not….

[13:41] JonK: hah [13:41] JonK: mmm [13:41] JonK: no

[13:42] JonK: I think thats the whole point

[13:42] JonK: no scholarships

[13:42] WeaselBringer: hmm maybe there’s a local certification for ‘chilling and shit’

[13:42] JonK: uhm yeah

[13:42] JonK: everyone who has ever gone to the jc for more than 8 semesters has that certification

[13:43] WeaselBringer: or is that English

[13:43] JonK: no

[13:43] JonK: thats “relaxing and other activities”

[13:43] WeaselBringer: english majors just teach english or end up blowing homeless guys for the crack they stole from the poor people who have homes

[13:44] JonK: Im teaching

[13:45] WeaselBringer: Word of advice, when you’re teaching a class, FIRST THING… whip it out, put your dick on the table and make it clear that the jokes aren’t true, that you don’t hold truck with any of that sexual harrassment garbage, and they are here to learn or you will do this again [13:45] JonK: *scribble scribble scribble*

[13:46] JonK: (thats me taking notes)

[13:47] WeaselBringer: that way when you collect homework for the first time, say “Anyone not turning anything in?”

[13:47] WeaselBringer: Then point at your crotch with exaggerated gestures

[13:48] WeaselBringer: sometimes it helps to make a big silhouette of your junk poster sized on the board

[13:49] JonK: its lunch time

[13:49] WeaselBringer: enjoy

[13:49] JonK: all this talk of junk is making me hungry

[13:49] WeaselBringer: hmm I think I’ll post this on my blog

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