No really… Its the Sean’s birthday article.

He requested that I write an article for his birthday, so I think this can be best summed up by poetry, a series of numbers and a picture of a bunny…

Sean, its his birthday, its nowhere near earth-day…

He tell stories of glories of times that we were high

so high in the sky pie in the sky high as a kite we were high…

One day we found a couch,

then we found a stingray

then we found a way, for sean to move through walls,

then we found a way, to punch sean in the balls.

Not that you need a good technique but it helps.

So there’s this other time, that steve martin brought us stuff,

and we were full of spite, just like mom used to make,

ahhh moon pies… I remember those.

Sean is also a series of numbers 1828283838840034081324020934809830984028377650198723409812093865-1-230984-1986-987-12935-971-67-1923478-981-2386-172-3947-1986-912834989394-9823940398409893849839-68-903281-4918-29384-18-2-2–29393984843857757598-p19823-90841-23094-192-3089349486

Let’s never mention that again….

Here’ a picture of a bunny

bunny b sean bdaya

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