Hello you sick and twisted kitten killers.

Many of you are coming to this site and going “What the shit is this?”

The Devils Newsletter is on a long hiatus, so we’ve developed a new site, with a new name to bring you some of the same old disgusting, trippy, funny, silly newsletter formatted crap you’ve all come to know and love.

It is truly a sad thing to have to let the Devils Newsletter fall by the wayside, but who knows, it may be back at some time in the unknowable future. There were problems with the domain, the hosting, the planetary alignment, and the whole thing was just easier to drop at this point. However with a new name and a new format (it’s RED) we can keep stuffing fun down your throats at the rate of a gallon a minute. Until you burst from Humor.

Anyone interested in becoming a writer or contributer for CrotchMail should email me: Dick Johnson

Here's a CROTCH!

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