3:03:48 PM sikkitten: so how are you?
3:03:58 PM sikkitten: anything new and exciting in the land of CA?
3:05:38 PM weaselbringer: oh yeah, they just implemented free college and a hummer h2 to every citizen, one time only, for california residents
3:05:41 PM weaselbringer: so we’re pretty well off
3:06:07 PM weaselbringer: I’m sure that backwards ass soveriegn goat nation-state you moved to probably has LOTS of great perks, like a pile of beads or something
3:06:07 PM sikkitten:
3:06:25 PM sikkitten: At least half of OUR state isn’t on FIRE
3:07:32 PM sikkitten: yeah.   Got nothin’ to say to that, do you?
3:10:56 PM weaselbringer: sorry I was beating the flames out of my carpet
3:11:02 PM weaselbringer: oh that’s a PRIDE fire
3:11:07 PM weaselbringer: we’re so much more proud than you
3:11:18 PM weaselbringer: In fact, I haven’t even HEARD about your pride fire
3:11:40 PM sikkitten: It’s in our woodstove
3:11:41 PM weaselbringer: you probably live in one of those red states that’s ashamed of themselves, that’s okay,
3:11:49 PM sikkitten: we don’t need to have everyone know
3:11:56 PM sikkitten: WE know we’re proud
3:12:03 PM sikkitten: Um…we’re blue
3:12:36 PM weaselbringer: Yeah the kinda pride you keep hidden away, deep inside, my state can totally beat up your state and ranks higher in per capita gains per citizen
3:13:17 PM sikkitten: We have lower gas prices
3:13:18 PM sikkitten: and
3:13:19 PM sikkitten: snow
3:14:45 PM weaselbringer: actually our gas prices are way down, about 2.40 I think at last check
3:14:58 PM sikkitten: yeah, ours are like 2.19
3:15:23 PM weaselbringer: and of course we have every major climate, including Lake Tahoe for snow, and the desert, forest, ocean, and mountains, as well as plains, farmland and great america (california)
3:15:33 PM weaselbringer: I think your state has snow and crap-heaps as it’s major land mass
3:16:01 PM weaselbringer: maybe the occaisional dead hooker memorial or something
3:16:05 PM sikkitten: I don’t have to go ANYWHERE for snow
3:16:22 PM sikkitten: and there’s flowers growing wild until the late autumn
3:16:31 PM sikkitten: and deers in my front yard
3:16:35 PM weaselbringer: yeah that’s what I’ve been dreaming of, sub zero temperatures and dirty slush outside my house, oooh snow tires and frostbite, where do i sign up??
3:16:45 PM sikkitten: You know you’re jealous
3:16:48 PM sikkitten:
3:16:51 PM weaselbringer: The deer are actually NSA agents, as your state is listed as at-risk
3:17:43 PM sikkitten: We have…um…
3:17:45 PM sikkitten: oh!
3:17:58 PM sikkitten: our convention center is like the greenest building in the world or something
3:18:16 PM sikkitten: Our bloodbank, however, sucks way more than the BB of the Redwoods
3:18:29 PM sikkitten: and I don’t mean that it’s staffed by vampires
3:18:34 PM sikkitten: ’cause that would be cool
3:30:31 PM weaselbringer: blood just rains from the sky here now,
3:30:36 PM weaselbringer: it’s pretty sweet
3:31:14 PM weaselbringer: we just took all the homeless people and “juiced” them, so now when you need a transplant, you just hold your skin open in the rain, we’re almost a perfect culture

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