Myspace isn’t Yours…

Every damn day. We all know the oppressive, addicting, internet-black-hole that is Myspace. We all have friends on there, whether or not you know it, whether or not you’d like it, you’re on there, your

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X360 vs Ps3: A Dialogue

[10:59] WeaselBringer: Xbox 360 had perfect dark zero for a ‘halo style flagship game’ but they lost it due to delays, so they’re trying to decide what the flagship game will be, which means the


Party Time

My birthday took place and some really wacky stuff happened, we didn’t get photos of that stuff, but we got photos! Here’s an image gallery for the party you all missed. Unless you were there,


The New News

Hello you sick and twisted kitten killers. Many of you are coming to this site and going “What the shit is this?” The Devils Newsletter is on a long hiatus, so we’ve developed a new