This could happen to you!

[12:14] singer33_007: Hi, I was looking at yahoo personals, i noticed your page.. anyway, yahoo thinks you are my top match. 😛
[12:14] singer33_007: do you want to see my profile..?
[12:14] Deadwhoreinabox: I guess that depends on whether or not you’re a spammer
[12:16] Deadwhoreinabox: But I’m young and idealistic, I’ll assume that some supposed yahoo personal ad led you to somehow track down my instant messanger name and while you can’t afford to use the personal service to contact me you magically have a profile on your own server advertising you on a webcam for a low monthly fee.
[12:17] Deadwhoreinabox: As I was dropped on my head several times as a child and force fed model airplane glue until the age of 12 I’m inclined to believe you might be the real deal
[12:17] Deadwhoreinabox: perhaps we can get married right now, and I can just sign over my billions in stock options to your faceless swiss bank account while you type romantic nothings at me
[12:19] Deadwhoreinabox: I must admit your conversational skills are astounding as you’ve managed to already get a proposal out of me and caused me to think of you as a beautiful, blonde, large breasted, 19 year old starving college student who could surely use my help, and of course my internet affections, which are better than real affection anyway. I will begin uploading copies of my social security card forthwith! so that you may never go hungry again, noble web cam girl/boy/transvestite….
[12:21] Deadwhoreinabox: Rest assured with my dying breath I shall visit your profile over and over again driving your hit counts to astronomical values causing you to become funded by DARPA and FEMA, and possibly Ted Turner, you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams, at which point you can pay for my painful carpal tunnel operations from clicking on your website until my fingers bleed. But I’m sure from all that we’ve shared… that you’re worth it.
[12:21] Deadwhoreinabox: Why won’t you love me??
[12:22] Deadwhoreinabox: You’re ruining this relationship I hope you know that, I was willing to go all the way and you scorn my proferred lust and money. Where are your priorities? If you keep this up we may not be able to continue seeing each other.
[12:22] Deadwhoreinabox: You’ve been warned, I’m going to end this blissful partnership we’ve recently garnered together. Must you leave me in the dark like this?
[12:24] Deadwhoreinabox: You never cared at all! my credit card and 17 inch genitalia were never enough for you and now you leave me pining, lonely, and hitchhiking on the information highway with only your vague memory to keep me warm at night… Goodbye cruel world
[12:28] *** singer33_007 has been ignored.

Must you toy with my heart??

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