[11:48] WeaselBringer: We can’t keep meeting like this, people are starting to suspect things

[11:49] Kate: You shouldn’t even be talking to me right now. I told you not here.

[11:49] WeaselBringer: Well you don’t leave me much choice

[11:49] Kate: *sigh*

[11:49] WeaselBringer: What’s next a message in a bottle?

[11:50] Kate: I was hoping for a messenger dove.

[11:50] WeaselBringer: I know I’m taking a risk here, but its only to let YOU know that THEY know

[11:50] Kate: I know.

[11:50] WeaselBringer: I know you know

[11:50] Kate: They warned me about you. I should’ve listened.

[11:51] WeaselBringer: About me? You were the one with the reputation

[11:51] Kate: Oh REALLY

[11:52] WeaselBringer: Playing dumb isn’t your style

[11:53] Kate: Oh they all paid.

[11:53] WeaselBringer: one way or another

[11:53] Kate: Exactly.

[11:53] WeaselBringer: thats why I’m here… I’m getting the feeling we’re beating at deaths door in concrete shoes

[11:54] Kate: yes well…

[11:55] Kate: *light cigarette in a 2 foot long cigarette holder*

[11:56] Kate: *flick blonde finger waved hair out of my eyes*

[11:56] Kate: So…

[11:56] Kate: where does this leave us?

[11:56] WeaselBringer: With a pile of money almost as big as the ticket on our heads

[11:57] WeaselBringer: you me, this darkened dock at midnight, nowhere to go but here is dangerous

[11:57] Kate: Where are we gonna stash it all?

[11:57] WeaselBringer: I’ve got that covered, there’s a boat to costa rica and it leaves in 9 minutes

[11:57] WeaselBringer: I want you, the money, the gun, all of it… on that boat

[11:57] Kate: But what about Johnny!

[11:57] WeaselBringer: Some things are better left alone, your husband is one of those things

[11:58] WeaselBringer: I’m not being cruel, I’m doing the poor bastard a favor

[11:58] Kate: *one single angry tear burns down my left cheek*

[11:58] Kate: Says you.

[11:58] Kate: You haven’t lost anything.

[11:58] WeaselBringer: I gave up everything!

[11:58] WeaselBringer: I’m a wanted man, running scared for my life

[11:59] WeaselBringer: I’ll be lucky if I can be your consolation prize in costa rica

[11:59] WeaselBringer: if I survive the 200 things you put me through tonight

[11:59] Kate: *slaps you across the face*

[11:59] Kate: Get a hold of yourself!

[11:59] WeaselBringer: I suppose I had that coming

[11:59] Kate: Don’t think it’s the last time it’ll happen either.

[12:00] WeaselBringer: I know you play rough doll, otherwise this whole scam would have never started

[12:00] Kate: *smirk*

[12:00] Kate: Alright… we can stand here talking about it all night or we can just do it. Let’s get outta here.

[12:01] WeaselBringer: You always did have a knack for this sort of chicanery

[12:01] WeaselBringer: You’re right

[12:01] WeaselBringer: let’s leave it all for someone else to clean up

[12:01] WeaselBringer: *gunshot – holds bleeding chest*

[12:01] WeaselBringer: I guess not…

[12:01] Kate: *holds gun up smiling*

[12:01] Kate: Nice try.

[12:01] WeaselBringer: But we had a deal

[12:02] WeaselBringer: *cough*

[12:02] Kate: You promised me a lot of things and you never followed through.

[12:02] Kate: I’m just repaying the favor.

[12:02] WeaselBringer: You never *grimace* gave me the chance…

[12:02] WeaselBringer: You never trusted me from the start, I could have been saint andrews and you would have pulled the heater on me anyway

[12:02] Kate: Feel that burning in your chest? That’s what I’ve felt like since the first day I met you. You’re nothing but trouble… and the world is better off without you.

[12:03] WeaselBringer: Maybe so

[12:03] WeaselBringer: but that depends on how you look at it

[12:03] WeaselBringer: That depends on if you believe your money is on that boat

[12:03] WeaselBringer: And i’m not the double-crosser you shot me dead for being

[12:04] WeaselBringer: *dies axiomatically*

[12:04] Kate: *laughs heartily*

[12:05] Kate: *lights another cigarette and takes a long hard drag*

[12:05] Kate: *ashes on your face*

[12:05] Kate: *Johnny pops out of the shadows*

[12:05] Johnny: Comeawn, baby. Let’s go get a cup of coffee.

[12:06] Kate: But what about him?

[12:06] Johnny: Who cares. We’re rich.

[12:06] Kate: *dramatic music*

[12:06] Kate: And scene.Photo by walknboston

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