TAKING OUR LEAD from Intel, Cmail is proud to announce that we’re developing a whole new numbering scheme for our pages.
Instead of numbering pages logically from zero up to 26362, like this one, we have decided to take advantage of an older scheme which will make life much simpler for our Latin readers, whose number is, naturally, legion.

Ages ago, CPU's had numbers that incremented...


For our geeky readers, we might convert that number to binary, such as 110011011111010.

We will also change the date of such a story from 22 September 2005 in the Gregorian calendar to Julian calendar Dies Mercurii A.D. X KAL. OCT MMDCCLVIII AUC to make our stories much easier to understand.

(It’s a joke – if you don’t get it, you probly don’t want to)

– Dick

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