[12:55] Krystal: lol, u ass

[12:55] WeaselBringer: well I was trying to park the other day

[12:56] WeaselBringer: and I saw those gleaming empty handicapped spots sitting there begging for a cripple to slovenly drive into them and hit the safety raised curb

[12:56] WeaselBringer: and I realized that I don’t just want to park, I hate cripples

[12:56] WeaselBringer: I started thinking, which cripples need the parking?

[12:56] WeaselBringer: if they’re driving?

[12:56] WeaselBringer: if someone else is driving they can drop them off (on the side of the freeway)

[12:57] Krystal: lol

[12:57] WeaselBringer: if they’re driving then they’re FINE!! they don’t want the special treatment

[12:57] WeaselBringer: they’re fucking driving!

[12:57] WeaselBringer: they need spots that are HARDER to park in

[12:57] WeaselBringer: so that they know we’re not taking it easy on them

[12:57] WeaselBringer: spots that change shape, or that barely fit a volkswagon

[12:57] WeaselBringer: spots that run halfway up a wall

[12:57] WeaselBringer: or are at the very back of the parking lot and halfway into traffic

[12:58] WeaselBringer: Are retards driving?

[12:58] WeaselBringer: are people driving with no legs?

[12:58] WeaselBringer: I don’t want these people parked close to my multimillion dollar hotel

[12:59] Krystal: is this a new crothchmail coming

[12:59] WeaselBringer: because let’s face it, unless stephen hawking and the california hardbodies are booking up for a drunken scientific fuck fest – there’s not much money in cutting out the guy in a mercedes for the pinto driven by ‘lefty the amusingly disabled school janitor’

[12:59] WeaselBringer: no I’m just ranting

[13:00] Krystal: lol, it should b a crotchmail. it’s funny

[13:02] WeaselBringer: will do, right after I systematiclly spray over every handicapped logo in the parking lot outside my work with the words “Parking on ROOF” you fucking pansies, hobble your crutched ass up there to renew your handicap sticker so you can attach it to your spine when you spiral off the guardrail to a grisly face removal 20 stories down and people will park on your recently deceased ass who have a chance to walk in and make some fucking money for america you LEECHES

[13:05] WeaselBringer: Hey honey there’s a spot right here by the door, we won’t be late for our dinner date after- AWWW it’s fucking handicapped, I guess hop’along cassidy and his legless wonder band of freakin’ brothers have to park here to wail and slobber their way into our dinner party where we wouldn’t invite them anyway because they won’t get the jokes we all make about the crippled economy because of selfserving bluestickered assholes parking IN FRONT OF EVERYONE ELSE LIKE A PACK OF SCHOOLYARD BULLY FAGGOTS

[13:06] Krystal: lol, u r seriously demented

[13:06] WeaselBringer: I realize that now

[13:06] Krystal: good

[13:06] WeaselBringer: Oh jesus please forgive me… (but not the cripples they’re sinners)

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