Sometimes you get some weird emails…

Dear Zack,

The girls all loved it. Each of us orgasmed like 500 times during the class and we were doing that weird female ejaculation thing that might just be peeing or it might be because we stuck water up in our vaginas, who knows?! Certainly not a college-level sexuality TA! We got so into your stuff that we all took our clothes off and had a big orgy and right then an oil truck driving by the class overturned and spilled all this vegetable oil into the classroom and we were just slipping and sliding all over each other like a bait cup full of earthworms. Earthworms with vaginas! Then we had so many orgasms that it formed into a super orgasm and the whole building exploded and we all shot up into the air on a giant geyser of that weird pee/water/ejaculation stuff. Please visit ASAP I think you need to teach us in person!!!!!! HURRY!!

Keepin’ it wet,

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