Joe Krol

Joe Krol is part of our required ‘homeless drunk guy’ quota enforced by the current legislature. He’s been known to wear matching shoes and likes the clicky noise his mouse makes. He also seems to favor both mad dog 20/20 and black velvet whisky as both his favorite and MOST favorite drinks, in alternating order dependant on the day. He smells of cedar chips and affects a lisp he does not have. Any clues to his whereabouts are greatly appreciated.  Joe has been in the Temple of Doom and he [pop culture reference] your mother until it don’t fall down no more. He also is the father of jazz and once beat himself at Jenga.

Having experienced several deaths and reincarnations, one as Lady Gaga, Joe returned to our time and dimension to create Zumba and Ace of Base. After sinking the island of Atlantis, writing all of Shakespeare’s plays backwards, and successfully dividing the Olsen twins by zero, Joe decided to become Smokey the Bear, fashioned from God’s clay action figure set on mount Olympus played by Lawrence Olivier. Joe briefly dated fire and cadmium from the periodic table of elements, his first novel, “The Bible” is considered a classic comedy. He also emits a pheromene that makes him irresistable to unicorns and once punched Richard Nixon in the knee.  After toppling Nixon he was quoted as saying “make sure you quote me on this..” he then promptly passed out drunk

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